Technical Data from Pittsburgh Air Systems, Inc.

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Codes and Standards
Why AMCA? Because You Need the Performance You Specify
UL - Product Safety Certification in Air Movement Control

Technical Info
General Conversion Table
Gauge and Weight Chart for Sheet Steel, Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum
Metric Conversion Factors for Fan Application per AMCA Standard
Psychrometric Chart

Fan Applications
The Basics of Fan Performance Tables, Fan Curves, System Resistance Curves and Fan Laws
Understanding Fan System Effects
Understanding Temperature and Altitude Corrections
Understanding Bearings for the Fan Industry
Fan Discharge and Throw Information
Inlet Pressure Correction
A Guide to Disconnect Switches for Ventilation Products
A Guide to Explosion Resistant Disconnect Switches for Ventilation Products
Balance, Vibration, and Vibration Analysis
High Temperature Exhaust
Performance Coatings for Ventilation Products
An Outline for Successful Fan Selections
Motor Application Guide for Ventilation Products
Field Testing Overview
Multiple Fan Systems - Fans in Series and Parallel
Spark Resistant Construction (SRC)
Are Bearing Currents Causing Your Motor Failure?
Fan and System Troubleshooting - A Guide to Characteristic Field Problems
Centrifugal Fan Arrangements
Understanding the Development of Fan Sound Data and the Product Rating Process
The Basics of Fan Sound
Radiated Sound
Sound Criteria, Attenuation Techniques and Preventative Measures to Limit Sound Problems
Variable Volume Laboratory Systems, An Overview

Damper Applications
New UL Test Standards for Life Safety Dampers
Actuators for Commercial HVAC Dampers

Louver Applications
Wind-Driven Rain Testing for Louvers

Energy Recovery Applications
Energy Recovery Ventilators: The Engineer's Solution
Energy Wheels vs. Plates
Energy Recovery Ventilators - Stand Alone vs. Bolt-on Systems
Gaseous Carryover and Cross Leakage in Energy Recovery Wheels
Moisture Transfer and Fungal Growth in Desiccant-Based Enthalpy Wheels
Silica Gel Desiccant
Energy Recovery Wheel Maintenance
Sizing Air Conditioning Equipment to Maximize Energy Recovery Benefits
Cross Leakage - Application and Purge Considerations
The Importance of ARI Performance Certification for Energy Recovery Ventilators
ARI Certified vs. Non-Certified Performance Ratings of Energy Recovery Wheels
ASHRAE Standard 62 Addendum y - Accpetable Cross Leakage for Energy Recovery Applications

Make-Up Air Applications
Industrial Heating Equipment Comparison and Evaluation