Company Origins

In 1990, Jeff Warren, Curt Marsh, and Walt Scott sketched a business plan on a napkin at Defazio’s (nicknamed “The Blue Parrot”) in Sewickley, PA. That was the start of what is now Pittsburgh Air Systems | Air Industrial, the region’s preferred supplier of Commercial and Industrial HVAC products and solutions. In an attempt to represent the product lines reputed as the best in the industry, the group began discussions with Greenheck Fan Corporation. After several months, the group’s efforts proved fruitful. On February 4, 1991, Pittsburgh Air Systems, Inc. was named the Greenheck manufacturers’ representative for Western Pennsylvania and opened for business.

While the coming years were challenging, Pittsburgh Air Systems persevered. With the integrity of their service to local contractors and engineers of the region in mind, the group gradually expanded over the next decade. In 2002, the decision to merge with Air Industrial (originally founded by Jim English Sr., then operated by his son, Jim Jr.) was made. This merger allowed for the continued success of the Commercial Division, under the three original owners, and the expansion into the Industrial landscape, with the introduction of the fourth business partner, Jim English Jr. With this, the company rebranded as Pittsburgh Air Systems – Air Industrial, Inc.

In 2008, the company expanded again, adding their Control Division and welcoming Jason Konley to the team. Konley’s knowledge in the control and operation of mechanical systems proved to be another stepping-stone on the path to forming Pittsburgh Air Systems – Air Industrial’s outstanding reputation.  

In 2011, the company expanded again, establishing yet another division of the organization. The HVAC Products Warehouse, also known as the “Best Damn Warehouse,” was established under current President, Lori Ross, and Paul Thomas, Warehouse Operations Manager.

Today, Pittsburgh Air Systems – Air Industrial, Inc. has grown to thirty-five Parrots, two locations, and four divisions by continually focusing on its core values.  

What started as three co-workers with an idea, grew to a company of  extraordinary employee  owners and remarkable  customer service.  Pittsburgh Air Systems – Air Industrial is a business success story for the

Blue Parrot Day

The success of Pittsburgh Air Systems, Inc, was not immediate, as the founders faced several adversities. The group initially worked out of Curt’s home office, selling Greenheck and Anemostat.  To celebrate the company achieving its first anniversary, Jeff, Curt, and Walt decided to thank those who supported the young organization. In honor of the café where they were inspired, the event was named Blue Parrot Day.

The tradition for Blue Parrot Day has continued and is celebrated with food, beverages, and fellowship to this day.